Student Engagement

Equipped Support

Student Empowerment

Expose Future Potential

Family Dynamics
& Relationships

We at H.I.M. are committed through this six week course to help families build a stronger foundation in their households. We seek to help improve the relationships...


H.I.M. is dedicated to creating an environment in schools for teenagers to deal with the issues in their life by getting connected with strong, courageous, and caring adults...

Better "U"

The Focus of this one day conference, for students in grades 7-9, is to teach, train, and instill in them that as they make better daily choices...

H.I.M. School
Base Programs

The goal of High Impact school based programs is to create a healthy environment for learning...

H.I.M. Leadership Program

High Impact seeks to develop moral and spiritual leaders in the 21st century church and community...

21st Century Youth
Ministry Development

HIM is committed to helping the local church develop powerful 21st century youth ministries and relevant outreach programs.

Impact Academy

The Impact Academy After School program
serves students each week.

Man Up

Man Up is a leadership development program for young men by focusing on helping them develop their character, shape their integrity, and build their confidence to impact their homes, schools, and community.

Girls, Leadership,
Education, and excellence

G.L.E.E. is a leadership program for young ladies focusing on empowering and encouraging them to become strong, smart, and bold women with passionate desire to impact their homes, school, and community.