Empowering Students & Communities

H.I.M. is an organization where children are encouraged to dream,
reflect on themselves and create healthy relationships with others.
Let’s equip and empower the next generation together

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Student Engagement

Equipped Support

Student Empowerment

Expose Future Potential

Need Support For Your Child Stepping In The Right Direction?

  • Your child wants to do more but you’re not sure where to start
  • Involving your child in impact ful programs seems out of reach
  • You’ve tried supporting your child but feel like it’s not enough
  • You want your child to learn how to build healthy trustworthy relationships with others

We Are The High Impact Movement You’ve Been Looking For

H.I.M. Programs

H.I.M. works to provide students with the tools they need for success, but also focus on prevention and intervention strategies so every student has an equal opportunity at being successful both inside and outside of school.

H.I.M. Mentorship

This program pairs students with a strong, moral and trustworthy adult who has gone through mentorship training and passed a mandatory background check before becoming mentors for teens needing guidance on how best to handle their struggles outside the school environment or home.

H.I.M. Family Dynamics

This six-week course teaches families how to build better relationships that can last into adulthood and strengthen the foundation of their household by working on trust and honesty in relationship

NOT Just Another Curriculum
H.I.M. is an organization committed to developing future leaders who make positive impacts in their communities and world. Our holistic approach to serving the next generation provides opportunities for development in all aspects of life, including education, relationship building, and cultural exposure that can’t be found anywhere else!
“The sky’s the limit with this generation. Let them be something that will empower them to change their community, school, or home. They can do it.“

– Amos Gray

“It’s a great place for a young adult to learn the skills they need for life.“

– Bill Borrough

Our Programs

View a Sample Lesson:
H.I.M. Curriculum

Our 3-step Process

Discovery Call

Our team of disability professionals will schedule a discovery call to discuss your immediate needs and long term objectives.


We will take the time to chart the best path to achieving your goals and objectives of creating a more inclusive community


We can work with you to implement the lesson plans into your school, community or organization. We are definitely hands-on!

We all want what is best for our children…

We are the High Impact Movement. We help students find challenges that inspire them, develop skills they need for success in life and work towards their goals.
Mentors are available to answer questions or offer advice on how best to proceed with any task at hand – whether it be school work assignments, career choices, or personal interests! At the end of the day, we all want what is best for our children.


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